WENZHOU BONGDING IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD is appointed by YANGBO Steel Co., LTD as its exclusive agent in CHINA
YANGBO Steel Co., LTD and Y.B.S Steel Co., LTD are the Korean biggest pipe manufacturer of seamless pure copper and copper-alloy big diameter pipe in which we are especially specialized with up-to-date integrated our production line.
       Application of Seamless copper and copper-alloy and copper-alloy in the industry
Off shore & On shore Project (Ex. South Pars project)
Fitting & Valve
Mold market for casting usage
ASTM B111 C11000
ASTM B111 C12200
ASTM B111 C23000, 24000, 26000, 27000
ASTM B111 C44300
ASTM B111 C68700, 68710, 68720
ASTM B111 C70600, 71500, 71640
YANGBO can apply not only ASTM but also KS, JIS, ASME, BS, EEMUA to all of our products with high-quality by our accumulated know-how and well-trained technician.
From the various benefits such as high melting degree, proper circulation of melted metal in the high-frequency type induction melting furnace, this facility is the most suitable and optimum facility to cast pure copper and copper-alloy.
With the above mentioned our up-to date facilities and results from our continuous R&D, we have been producing and successfully supplying  our customer with the High-Nickel copper-alloy products which is known as the hardest to cast
Now, YANGBO produce seamless pure copper and copper-alloy big diameter pipe, up to size 350mm O.D * 7mm WT without any problem, with 4 unit of Extrusion press from Germany which is the largest capacity in Korea
YANGBO are mainly producing the general type of plain-end and round pipes but also we can produce copper and copper-alloy square, rectangular type of pipes and steel product for mold market for casting usage





Size range








Internal geometries

Parallel, Single tapered, double tapered, multi tapered, parabolic tapered


Cu-DHP (SF-Cu DIN1787), CuAg0.1, Cu-Cr-Zr


Cu, Ni-Co-Cr

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